What's New

The FM Taste is proud to embrace new technology to ensure that customers can pay for their vending products in a way that suits them. We appreciate that not everyone chooses to carry cash with them, and that it can be inconvenient to try and find the right change to make a purchase.

The P68 is a stylish terminal that can be easily integrated into the current vending machines.

The terminal is designed with the objective of creating a cost efficient, multifunctional payment terminal for card and mobile transactions. The ruggedized terminal is integrated in the Vending Machines which makes it less prone to vandalism than the traditional build-on-top terminals creating a professional and clean look-and-feel.

The P68 terminal supports all credit or debit cards for secure fast and convenient payments. Payments can be made using Contactless (Tap), Chip /Contact (Dip) or Magnetic stripe (Swipe). Mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay are also supported by the P68 terminals.

Cashless payments are fast and convenient making it easier for you to treat yourself!