Wave & Pay Facility

Ensure your vending machines are accessible to all customers with the latest wave & pay facilities – using contactless payment via card or phone app to ensure the facility is constantly available.


Contactless Payment Vending Machines


The FM Taste is proud to embrace new technology to ensure that customers can pay for their vending products in a way that suits them. We appreciate that not everyone chooses to carry cash with them, and that it can be inconvenient to try and find the right change to make a purchase. That’s why we offer all of our machines with the option for a contactless payment system – ensuring your customers can pay for their products with ease.


What Are The Benefits Of Contactless Payment?


There are a huge number of advantages to implementing a wave & pay facility in your vending solutions. These include:

  • Contactless payment systems are highly secure and safe, with the same protection as traditional chip and PIN payments.
  • Offering contact payment facilities make your vending machines accessible to a much wider audience, many of which may not carry cash on your premises.
  • The ease of use with contactless payment systems encourage users to use the on-site facilities rather than drive to the local supermarket.
  • Coin payment vending machines can often encounter the issue of coins becoming stuck in the entry slot. Contactless payments remove this issue and are far less likely to be faulty.

Upgrade Your Existing Vending Machine Payment System


With our advanced technology solutions you don’t need to install a new vending machine to take advantage of the benefits of contactless payment. Our contactless payment terminals are stylish and can be easily integrated into our current vending machines, allowing you to update your payment method immediately. The terminal is designed with the objective of creating a cost efficient, multifunctional payment terminal for card and mobile transactions. The ruggedised terminal is integrated in the Vending Machines which makes it less prone to vandalism than the traditional build-on-top terminals creating a professional and clean look-and-feel.


All Major Credit & Debit Cards Supported


Our contactless terminals supports all credit or debit cards for secure fast and convenient payments. Payments can be made using Contactless (Tap), Chip /Contact (Dip) or Magnetic stripe (Swipe). Mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay are also supported by the contactless payment terminals making them widely accessible for all.


Find Out More About Vending Payment Solutions Today


To learn more about our vending machine payment solutions, get in touch with our friendly team today. Call us on: 01924 477771 or email: richard@thefmtaste.com to find out how our vending machines can be connected with a wide variety of payment methods to suit your customers’ needs.