Quality Coffee Offer

Experience high street quality bean to cup coffee with our barista-approved coffee vending solutions.


High Quality Coffee Vending Machines


Enjoy quality coffee with The FM Taste! We pride ourselves on serving delicious beverages, straight from our vending machines. Our drinks stand out from the crowd with flavoursome and creamy drinks, speciality coffees and premium beans passionately sourced to deliver the perfect drink.


Excellent Coffee Quality For Your Business


Our coffee machines are created for connoisseurs and coffee purists who love real, fresh coffee. Made using Italian-style brewers, our coffees are available at the touch of a button and deliver a purer extraction— guaranteeing a premium taste reminiscent of an authentic cafe. Learn more about our machine in this helpful video, here.


Enjoy Personalised Coffee Products 


Become your own barista with our vast range of coffee solutions! We have a wide range of premium coffees available, including flavoured syrup shots to design your ultimate drink. Our coffee strength control features allow you to adjust the strength of your drink, whilst our additional extras allow you to customise your drink to create the perfect beverage.


Tabletop Office Coffee Machines


Enjoy the experience of a barista in your own office with our portable Barista-In-A-Box machines! These sleek small coffee vending machines are highly flexible and can be positioned in a variety of spaces. Our small machines include the Primo Touch, a stylish touch screen machine that creates the perfect hot drink.


Freestanding Coffee Vending Machines


Service high volumes of customers with our powerful freestanding coffee machines. Our state-of-the-art freestanding coffee machines can be positioned in canteens and other vibrant locations to transform each individual space. Our machines allow for multiple payment formats and have touchscreen functionality, programmable buttons and more.


Get The Ultimate Coffee Shop Experience


For organisations looking to boost their brand and attract more customers, we have the Available Coffee To Go – an impressive surround unit for the ultimate coffee shop experience. This stunning retail add-on will help bring an unrivalled refreshment offering to your premises.


Order Your High Quality Coffee Today


Find out more about our high quality coffee offering and how it can delight your customers, employees and more! To learn more about our premium products get in touch now. Call us on: 01924 477771 or email: richard@thefmtaste.com.