Chilled Drinks Vending

Refresh and hydrate with our wide range of chilled drinks vending solutions.


Ice Cold Vending Drinks Machines


Available with a range of ice cold branded drinks, our high capacity vending machines are perfect for providing immediate thirst relief for customers, employees and visitors to your premises. Our chilled drink vending machines can be conveniently placed in a variety of locations including factories, offices and canteens, making them suitable for organisations of all sizes and sectors.


Trusted Chilled Vending Solutions


Our reliable machines offer a high quality vending experience that will satisfy users. With competitively priced products and secure payment systems, you’re guaranteed an effective and easy-use system that is constantly available. Our experienced team provide a fully-managed maintenance and restocking service, visiting the site as often as required to ensure your vending machine is always delivering high quality chilled products.


Refreshing Drinks At The Perfect Temperature


Our innovative technology means that our vending machines deliver optimal performance – serving ice cold refreshing drinks. Our modern temperature controls mean that you’re always guaranteed a chilled drink straight from our machines – and our experienced operators perform regular maintenance to ensure each machine performs without fault.


Fully-Managed Drinks Vending Machines


For a complete turn-key refreshment solution, our maintained vending machine packages are the perfect product for your organisation! At The FM Taste, we provide a fully managed service with experienced trained operatives visiting your site as often as required to replenish stock. Your machines will be filled, cleaned and tested on each visit to ensure they are working correctly and there are no supply issues.


Self-Fill Drinks Vending Machines


For organisations wishing to fill their own vending machines, we provide an efficient valet service guaranteeing you peace of mind that your machine has received a regular deep clean to keep it both working and hygienically compliant.


Eco-Friendly Chilled Vending Solutions


Ensure green credentials with our eco-conscious chilled drinks machines. Our innovative technology includes LED lighting, a built-in energy management system and low power mode, the use of recycled materials wherever possible and more.


Why Choose The FM Taste?


As dedicated vending and fresh food specialists, The FM Taste pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service to individuals and organisations across the UK. Our machines stock quality brands, with a wide range of chilled drink products available to suit a range of tastes. As a dynamic refreshment supplier service, we can provide a range of flexible finance options – meaning we can provide a financial model that suits your business. Our quick install and maintenance response times mean that you can access your refreshments immediately – delighting employees, guests and customers alike.


Order Your Chilled Drinks Vending Machine Today


To find out how we can connect your business with chilled drinks solutions, speak to our team today. We can design a bespoke solution to fit your requirements. Call us on: 01924 477771 or email: We look forward to working with you!