Preserving the Environment

Ethical and sustainable trading is a core value of our company.


We actively encourage our suppliers to adopt ethical practices that minimize environmental impact whilst delivering benefits in relation to their own operations and throughout the supply chains in which they operate, giving a fairer deal for farmers and sustainable communities.


Our partnership with all our suppliers works to achieve common goals, constantly striving to enhance our contribution to the environment.


Not only does our coffee taste great (a medium bodied smooth drink with delicate fruit and rich nut flavours), but we are also doing our part in helping conserve the planet’s resources along with providing a better future for the farmers and their families. Beans are sourced from the Lake Titicaca region of Peru, CECOVASA Cooperative, the COCAFCAL Cooperative in Honduras and the PPKGO Cooperative in the highlands of the Aceh Province in Sumatra.


“The value added from Fairtrade is not just about money, it is about protecting the ecosystem and our community. We are able to invest in infrastructure to improve our well-being. Thanks to Fairtrade one of my children is now in medical school and the other in midwifery school. The Fairtrade premium goes toward improving resource conservation, sustainable agriculture and a credit union providing small loans to family members.”


Mohammed Salim PPKGO member

Aceh Province, Sumatra, Indonesia