Revolutionise your refreshment solutions with our MicroMarket machine installations.


Improve Workplace Wellbeing With Self-Serve MicroMarkets


MicroMarkets are an effective way to boost the culture and improve workplace wellbeing within your organisation. You can design your own unique MicroMarket that suits your team and, with our high quality offerings and product customisation opportunities, you’re guaranteed to get a solution that delights your team. This includes hot meals, fresh and healthy options, go-to snack favourites and every day necessities. Investing in your team is a great way to improve workplace retention and show your staff that you care.


What Is A MicroMarket?


MicroMarkets are an innovative form of vending technology that creates an unmanned refreshment store in the heart of your workplace. MicroMarkets are a bespoke design to suit the requirements of your business in terms of space, budget and resources in the most convenient way.


The Benefits Of A MicroMarket


MicroMarkets are the perfect way to improve team and guest happiness, with a flexible refreshment solution that will boost workplace morale. The MicroMarkets are also a perfect way to attract talented Millennials looking for the workplace perks as part of the employment package. Offering a wide range of product, desirable brands and food types within one pleasing yet compact location. Advanced vending technology means that you can leave your MicroMarket un-attended, allowing you to save on staff time and resources. With wave and pay features you can deliver your refreshments quickly, ensuring customers can use the MicroMarket with ease at any given time.


Features Of Your MicroMarket


Our MicroMarkets are designed to be user-friendly, with credit and debit card pay features, accounts for individual users, guest passes for visitors, employees vouchers, loyalty cards and more. This also allows you to set cheaper rates for your employees than other users of the MicroMarket if needed. With advanced technology, your MicroMarket can be operated by biometric thumb print, creating a secure and cashless system.


Recommended MicroMarket Products


Your MicroMarket can be created to fit your business needs, with a wide range of products including sandwiches, drinks and healthy options. Design your bespoke MicroMarket with a range of equipment including:

  • Refrigerated Deck Display Units
  • Closed Door Display Units
  • Chilled Soft Drinks Units
  • Grab & Go High Quality Coffee Offer
  • Hot Drinks Vending Machines

Design Your MicroMarket Today


Transform your vending solutions with our MicroMarket installations. Our specialist team can help you design and install your new system, as well as providing ongoing maintenance and replenishing of stock as needed. We can design a bespoke solution to fit your requirements and budget. Call us on: 01924 477771 or email: richard@thefmtaste.com. We look forward to working with you!

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